Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pale Male News

Wednesday, 3/16/05 --3:20 p.m. [From Lincoln's website]
Pale Male leaving after spelling off Lola at incubation duty on the nest. She will now sit through the night while he will roost for the night a few hours later, within sight of the nest.[See below]

At 6:22 p.m. Pale Male flew to a pin oak at the base of Pilgrim Hill, just a little south of the Hawk Bench, to roost for the night. He preened for about ten minutes. By 6:45 he was asleep, his head tucked under his wing. Just above him in the sky was the moon, a day or two less than half full. Saturn was shining brightly to the north of the moon, the only planet visible these days.

Lola, meanwhile, was spending the night in the nest, as she has been doing since last Thursday, 3/10/05. There are no more periods of time when the nest is unattended. During the day motions may be seen in the nest that indicate egg-turning . I would say with more confidence now that INCUBATION HAS BEGUN.

Observed by Donna Browne, Marie Winn and a few other hawkwatchers.