Monday, March 07, 2005




3:59PM Pale Male sitting on right side of nest , Lola standing
left, in nest.

4:00PM Pale Male stands and lifts rat from nest.
(Kenturian reported the rat had been presented to Lola
earlier in the day) Pale Male continues to stand with
rat in beak near Lola, she doesn't respond.

4:03PM Pale Male turns to nest right and prepares rat
by removing viscera(thank you Kenturian for this
observation). Lola watches Pale Male.

4:29PM Pale Male flies off nest and perches on Linda 1
Lola consumes prepared rat
4:54PM Lola leaves nest and perches left of Pale Male,
facing the window.

5:01PM Copulation, 7 seconds, Pale Male preens; both
remain positioned on Linda 1

5:39PM Copulation occurs. As many have noted on
Lincoln's monitor, Pale Male's beak opens and closes
during copulation. I had changed position from the
Hawk Bench to near the Central Park stone wall
adjacent to 5th Ave. so was able to hear Pale Male
during copulation. The sound is a short repeated
staccato, keee, keee, keee, keee.
Pale Male preens.

5:46PM Pale Male flies north.

5:48PM With Marie Winn to check former roost tree
north and west between path and transverse before next
arch north of Trefoil Arch.

6:10PM Pale Male discovered in his Pin Oak at foot of
Pilgrim Hill...preening.

6:24PM Lola discovered in her tree further up slope
towards transverse south and west...preening.

Both roost trees aligned with sight lines to nest.

High Temp- 63F
Submitted:Donna Browne