Thursday, April 14, 2005

Field Notes 4-13-2005

Sunset 7:33PM
Temp. 49F
Windy and cold
Mostly sunny
Prey Tally-2 pigeons

All of today's times are approximate as my pocket log
with great talent, fell from my pocket and dived
neatly into the park sewer at 102nd. Astoundingly good
aim, I must say. No dread loss as all previous notes
had been transferred to the computer.

Mr. and Mrs. Junior at the Trump Parc...

3:50-4:30PM I viewed Junior's nest on the Trump Parc.
It was hard to get an exact count from Hawk Rock, but
the nest looks to be about 30 stories up. There are
now evergreen boughs amongst the deciduous twigs. This
greenery was not there on my last visit. At 4:20, just
a sliver of the top of a hawk head could be seen above
the nest, it remained there until my exit at 4:30PM.

Pale Male and Lola at 927...

4:55PM Arrival- Lola on the nest and Pale Male on the
Oreo Antenna. Pale Male stayed a good half hour and
then disappeared. Lola turned eggs, preened, alertly
scrutinized the landscape, and on occasion while
standing outside the concave, would look down at the
eggs and as Kentuarian pointed out, seemed to be
listening to them. Lola also did a good bit of
preening while down in the concave today, particularly
on the edges of her wings. Near 6:00PM Pale Male
cruised in and perched on Linda 4, where there was
still bright sun. Lincoln reports that Pale Male did
eventually bring Lola her dinner.
6:06PM Exit

6:20PM The Owls at The Pool...

On my arrival, though a bit earlier than usual, I
found it strange that there were no people with
binoculars viewing the pines. The final straw for
realization to hit was when I got within hearing
distance and realized that the pines were full of
little chittery birds. No question, the owls had
changed their bedchambers. About that time Chris and
Fig [A faithful owlwatcher and her well-behaved border collie]
arrived and we decided to try a Screech Hunt in
the Ravine. And we found them, high up in an oak not
far off the path. Unfortunately I was unable to
remain for Flyout.
7:15 exit.

Submitted- Donna Browne