Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Report from the Hawk Bench

Field Notes 4-12-2005

Sunset 7:33,
Temp. 49F,
Wind Var 7-10,
Prey Tally-pigeon,

AM Report-None
Elizabeth Reports nest exchange aprox. 2:30PM
3:44PM Lola in nest, she stands and turns eggs,
preens, down.
3:52Pm Lola still down in nest but preening wings.
4:00PM Lola stares W.
4:01PM Lola stands and preens. She has a large broken
feather sticking up on back above wing. She resettles,
tail to bench.
4:04PM Lola shifts head to W.
4:25PM Lola down in nest, only thing seen is errant
feather sticking up.
4:29PM Lola, head up, looks W.
4:35PM Lola stands, turns eggs, digs with feet in
cavity, then settles back down.
5:30PM Lola submerged.
5:31PM Lola, head up, alert N.
5:43PM Lola looks W, very alert.
5:45PM Lola stands, looks W, preens, then head to N,
6:02PM Pale Male from N, several crosses in front of
927, lands N end of nest, brings good sized Blue Bar
pigeon for Lola. She then stands N nest, feet on
prey, takes bites. Pale Male is in cavity of nest but
does not settle onto eggs, watches Lola...and keeps
6:05PM Lola up with prey to N disappears treeline.
Pale Male slight digging, settles onto eggs, fluffs
his feathers over them.
7:25PM Lincoln reports 1 hour and 20 minute break for
Lola before she returns to nest.

102nd St. Screech Owl Flyout: 7:40PM.

Submitted: Donegal Browne