Monday, April 11, 2005

Notes from the Hawk Bench and a screech-owl note

Notes From The Bench 4/10/2005

Sunset 7:30PM,
Temp. 73F,
Wind variable 7-10MPH,
Humidity 22%,
Prey Tally- None seen,

Early Report: Nest exchange approx. 11AM. Bill
reports Pale Male perched on the Carlyle from approx.
2:15 to 3:15PM.

3:59PM Hawk on nest, head to wall,E, tail to bench, W.
Only small portion of tail visible. Report from the
bench said it was Lola but...? Stubby the Drake
Mallard is in residence in the Boat Pond. He now
knows his name and comes when called for peanuts.
4:17PM Hawk has not moved a feather, same position as
4:30PM Lola arrives on the N end of nest. (It was
PALE MALE tending the nest Not Lola.) Pale Male stands
and takes a beak full of dry needles/grass(?) from
rear edge of nest and places in concave.
4:31PM Pale Male up and off nest. Lola leans over and
turns eggs. Pale Male does ascending circles above
Linda until out of sight. Lola settles into nest,
facing W, very alert.
4:34PM Pale Male seen landing by Sam on rear of
4:47PM Lola head up, looks N.
4:50PM Pale Male perched Oreo antenna.
4:51PM Lola looking W.
5:00PM Pale Male up and to W.
5:05PM Much sun on nest, Lola facing E, tail to nest.
5:26PM Pale Male perched Carlyle, Lamp 1.
6:00PM Lola head N, Pale Male perched Carlyle Lamp 4.
Tourist brings debilitated Ruby-crowned Kinglet to
bench. Noreen calls Vivian the rehabber. Kinglet to
be delivered by tourist to Vivian.
6:20PM Exit

102nd Street Screech Owl Flyout-staggered from 7:33PM
to 7:39PM. Young owls practicing adult call. Though
still do begging wing flaps when fed by parent owl.

Submitted-Donegal Browne