Friday, April 08, 2005

4/8/05--Yesterday's Notes from the Hawk Bench


Sunset 7:26PM,
Temp 74F,
Partly Cloudy,
Wind SW 7MPH,
Gusts 15-25MPH,
Prey Tally-None Seen

Conrad reports a nest exchange at aprox. 2:30, Pale
Male off, Lola back on.
2:37PM Lola on the nest, head up, alert, then down.
2:53PM Pale Male perched on Oreo antenna.
3:00PM Lola peers through twigs to W.
3:22PM Pale Male up and W.
3:26PM Lola stands and preens upper breast.
3:30PM Pale Male back to Oreo antenna, Lola, with more
care than she has of late, very gently enters and
settles back into nest cavity. (?)
3:34PM Pale Male up and circling.
3:35PM Circles Dish/Stove Pipe, lands on left front
corner railing.
3:36PM Lola facing wall, tail visible above front lip
of nest.
3:47PM Pale Male back to Oreo antenna.
3:52PM Pale Male up and NW.
3:53PM Model Boat Pond count: 11 boats, 4
Mallards...and the water is now a rather remarkable
blue. Ric says algaecide was added today.
4:05PM Exit.


Jean visited the Pool Screech Owls at 2:25PM. All
five were on the same evergreen branch and the three
youngsters were wide awake.

Joann reports she saw what may be the new larger nest
for Pale Male III. Nearer Central Park W, (97th) then
the previous. Would be due S of the Pool. Rock
formation across from 97th, nest tree is Maple(?)
surrounded by Sycamores. Nest in upper branches,
approx. 50 feet up.

Submitted-Donna Browne