Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Report

Four warbler species have arrived [see report below by one of the park's hot-shot birdwatchers].. Chipping and Field Sparrows. And this morning the Early Birders saw a winter wren, another early harbinger of the migration season. It's warm and sunny in New York, the daffodils and miniature irises are up, the Cornelian cherries are blooming throughout the park. Squirrels are munching on elm seeds everywhere. Lola is sitting on eggs and the due date is...just a little more than a week away!

Report for 4/6/05:
An Orange Crowned Warbler was spotted in the SE corner of the Great
Lawn at about 12:10 pm this afternoon . It is in a flock that
contains multiple Chipping Sparrows, Goldfinch, 1 Palm Warbler and 1
Pine Warbler.

The Orange Crowned was foraging on the ground as well as flying into
a nearby tree.

Also, of note today, 1 Yellow Rumped Warbler by Polish Statue
(Turtle Pond)and 1 at the Central Park Zoo by Red Panda Exhibit.

2 additional Palm Warblers SE corner of Maintenance Field by a big
pile of mulch.

1 Pine Warbler Polish Statue.

2 Field Sparrows Shakespeare Garden when coming down steps from the

David Speiser