Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Report from the Hawk Bench


Field Notes Monday, 4/04/2005

Sunset 7:25PM,
Temp. 51F,
Wind variable, 5-18MPH,
Prey Tally: Starling, Pigeon

AM Report, Lola flew from the nest, leaving it
unattended until Pale Male could hot wing it in from
the west, approx. 1 to 2 minutes.
2:45PM Stella reports Pale Male brought Lola a
Starling. Also, that once again the wind got under
Lola from behind and nearly flipped her over.
4:35PM Pale Male perched Linda 6. Lola submerged in
4:44PM Pale Male up, circles and touches wall of
building with wing tip (Something he frequently does.
Fun?), circles 927, circles Woody, circles over other
Fifth Ave. buildings.
4:47PM Pale Male perches on railing of Stove Pipe.
4:55PM Lola not visible in nest.
5:06PM Lola up, turns eggs, preens, situates head to
wind, settles back in.
5:15PM Lola alert, looking between twigs to the west.
5:30PM Lola head up, very alert to west.
5:42PM Pale Male appears with portion of pigeon in
talons, double passes nest, lands, puts down pigeon,
Lola takes it up and flies N out of sight. Pale Male
settles on nest.
5:45PM Exit.
(Pool Screech Owl family flyout-7:40PM)

Submitted: Donna Browne