Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Central Park Report

SITE; Central Park
DATE; WEDNESday, 3/30/05
OBSERVERS; Junko and Pat
REPORTED BY; Pat Pollock

American Woodcock (North Woods)
Eastern Phoebe
Hairy Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Pinetum)
Fox sparrows
Red-bellied woodpecker
Black-crowned Night Heron
3 pr. Hooded Mergansers - Res. - southside
Mockingbird - Meer
Ruddy Ducks


3/30/05 -- 8:30 a.m.

This morning a small group of birdwatchers standing in the Ramble near the Tupelo Meadow saw Lola land on a low branch directly in front of them. They raised their binoculars and gave her a close inspection. After 5 or so minutes had passed they saw her suddenly extend her legs and raise her bottom end high. "Run!" one of them called out. They narrowly avoided getting zapped by a large stream of wet white hawk excreta that landed just where they had been standing. Thus they narrowly missed the good luck that many saw will follow a human who is graced by a bird-poop bulls-eye.


[See Donna Browne's Field Report below for details]

Field Notes Tuesday, 3/29/2005

Sunset 6:17PM,
Temp. 48F,
Wind Variable, Gusts to 22MPH,
Clouds, Rain, then Sun,
Prey Tally-None Seen,

1:12PM Nest exchange, Pale Male to nest, Lola off.
1:34PM Pale Male off nest and perches railing of
Stove Pipe. Lola settles into nest.
1:43PM Lola head up, alert looking west.
2:04PM Pale Male up from railing, flies west.
2:12PM Pale Male appears out of the south, flies over
Fifth Ave buildings, over 927 and then west.
2:20PM Lola alert sitting head to N, but looking W.
2:59PM Lola stands, turns eggs with tail to bench.
3:18PM Lola leaves nest, flies W. Nest unattended for
30 seconds.
3:19PM Pale Male arrives from W, flapping wings, and
takes over nest.
3:34PM Lola returns, Pale Male off.
3:35PM Lola turns eggs, tail to bench, then settles
4:20PM Lola alert, looking S.
4:33PM Lola stands, preens breast and neck, turns
eggs, then down, head to SE.
4:40PM Lola shifts position to face W.
4:47PM Pale Male discovered left corner of railing of
Stove Pipe.
4:49Pm Pale Male chases gull to W.
5:04PM Pale Male brings twig to nest and Lola flies N
up Madison, then to Stove Pipe, perches forth level
down on NW.
5:05 Pale Male turns eggs then settles down with head
to SE.
5:18PM Lola returns, stands on S end of nest. Pale
Male remains enscounced in nest. Lola surveys
territory, works beak. Pale Male remains on eggs.
Lola leans over and prods him with her beak. Pale
Male gets up and flies N. Lola settles in facing N.
5:25PM Lola shifts position, head to SE.
5:27PM Gusting wind causes Lola's rear feathers to
become sail-like which flips her bottom up, nearly
somersaulting her over. She shifts position, head to
wind, NW. Settles deeply into nest.
6:15PM Pale Male seen over Boathouse.
7:20PM Exit, Pale Male's roost not found.
Submitted-Donna Browne