Tuesday, March 22, 2005

WHILE LOLA IS QUIETLY SITTING --- News from other nests:

3/22/05 -- WHILE LOLA IS QUIETLY SITTING --- News from other nests:

One of the babies of the Great Horned Owl nesting in an a former crow's nest outside of a Pasadena lab. Stephen Watson writes that the nest's former owners. crows just as John Blakeman supposed, harrassed the owl for several weeks after she began sitting on eggs. Obviously she persevered, for the photo shows evidence of success.

This photo by LINCOLN KARIM taken on 3/20/05 shows the facade of the Trump Park Hotel on Fifty Ninth Street where a redtail pair have made a nest on the 36th floor. Since the male of this pair is a light-phased red-tailed hawk, people are calling him Pale Male Jr. These hawks are definitely incubating at the moment, but the prognosis is not good. This is the 4th nesting attempt on the Trump Park. None of the previous ones have succeeded. Why? I would attribute it to an absence of spikes. A high wind can damage or destroy a nest here. Could somebody write the Donald and suggest that spikes be installed here?

PASADENA Great Horned Owl report:
Stephen Watson writes on 3/20/05:

At least one chick has been observed in the nest! I'll try and get some photos tomorrow...


Field Notes Monday, 3/21/2005

Sunset 6:08PM,
Wind WNW 5-10MPH,
Temp. Hi 45F,
W. Chill 38F,
Ric's AM report- The mallards in the boat pond have
commenced copulation. When Pale Male perched on the antenna or the corner of "The Crows", white building one over from The Lion, three or four crows would mob him. At one point, Lola took a break and Pale Male sat on the nest.

3:46PM Pale Male on the railing of Stove
Pipe. Lola deep in nest.
3:48PM Pale Male up and west.
4:08PM Lola very alert on nest.
4:14PM Pale Male back on the railing of Stove Pipe.
4:32PM Pale Male up and west. Lola deep in nest.
4:55PM Pale Male back to railing on Stove Pipe.
5:03PM Mallard Count-35, Pigeon Count-4.
5:14PM Pale Male up and chasing gull south, gull
circles to chase him, Pale Male circles and herds gull
5:16PM Pale Male flies north and perches on the
railing of Stove Pipe.
5:27PM Pale Male up and west.
5:36PM Lola sits nest and preens. Her feathers appear
5:46PM Pale Male crosses in front of 927 5th Ave
four times, laids on nest, Lola stands tail to bench
and eats ?. Pale Male stands right nest, face front,
alert, watching territory while she eats.
5:48PM Pale Male flies north and then west. Lola back
on nest.
5:58PM Pale Male appears over The Lion flies west over
park, Pilgrim Roost, and towards lake.
6:23PM A pair of geese fly south to north.
6:28PM Formation of 24 geese fly south.
6:50PM Pale Male is not found in any known roosts.
Submitted: Donna Browne