Monday, March 28, 2005



I know that a number of readers who admire John Blakeman's illuminating essays are coming to understand more about falconry and rethink some of their views. The letter below, from a falconer in Scotland, gives another insight into the rare relationship between falconer and hawk. Most of all it reminds me of relationships I have observed [and enjoyed myself] between people and their beloved pets ---dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, etc.

Hi there. I'm emailing you from Dundee, Scotland, U.K.

...It's amazing that we can share the joys and sadnesses of the life of a family of hawks although we are thousands of miles apart! It is also incredible that I can update myself on what is happening daily on the web site and feel a part of it all!

In Scotland we do not have wild red tails, but have their very close cousin the common buzzard. I am a falconer an artist and writer, and my own falconry hawk, Eva is a female redtail bred in Wales and brought to Scotland by myself three years ago. She is an amazing creature with an overdose of attitude and personality. She catches her own food and so fulfils her natural instinct and disipates some of the aggresion she has. With me she is cuddly and affectionate, but is pretty aggressive towards others. I wish she could have as much freedom as Pale Male, and I try to have her out hunting as often as possible. She is a source of countless articles and paintings, and a friend when I need a break from the hassles of life.

Thanks again for sharing Pale Male's story with me. I hope he lives a long life as New York will never be the same without him.

Ian R Morrison