Sunday, April 03, 2005

4/3/05-- Is Everybody OK After Yesterday's Rain- and Windstorm

4/3/05 --Marilyn Fifer writes:

Dear Marie:

During yesterday's torrential rain storm (according to weather service reports, with gusts up to 50mph) all I was thinking about was poor little Lola sitting on her nest, hanging on for dear life.

I hope that she and her nest occupants were able to ride out the storm without incident.

Please let us know how she fared.

Best regards,
Marilyn Fifer


You sound just like we did in 1993, 1994, and 1995, when the hawk nest was new. It brings it all back. We were nervous wrecks, as I tried to describe in Redtails in Love.

Not to worry about a little windstorm, or blizzard or howling rainstorm. The hawks are fine!! They're carrying on today in their usual manner--taking turns sitting on eggs, hunting, soaring. As John Blakeman has written in the past, these are experienced hawks. They know just what to do in any circumstance.

Cheers, Marie