Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Field Notes from the Hawk Bench 4/17

Note: 4/17 is the date we first began to think that a chick had hatched. These field notes give an idea of why. [On the other hand, maybe it was the heat that made her keep mantling...]

Field Notes 4-17-05

Sunset 7:37PM
Temp. 70F plus
Wind variable
Prey Tally-pigeon

2:50PM Lola on nest.
Pale Male on Oreo antenna.
2:58PM Pale Male off Oreo.
3:48PM Lola mantles concave.
3:59PM Back down.
4:06PM Pale Male on Oreo.
4:08PM Lola mantles concave, facing bench.
4:10PM Lola tail to N, sits high.
4:12PM Lola completely down.
4:15PM Eyes through twigs.
4:18PM Pale Male gone from oreo.
4:20PM Lola barely visible.
4:23PM Lola Calls. Pale Male Calls, he is circling.
4:24PM Lola off nest, Pale Male on.
4:25PM Pale Male slight twig arrangement, snuggles for
fit, back to bench.
4:26Pm Digging, head to N, beak movement, Calling?
4:27PM Pale Male disappears into nest.
4:29PM Eyes up VERY alert.
4:35PM Eyes through twigs Alert.
4:40PM Little head jerks, tucking egg under?
4:49PM Pale Male off nest, PR flight over bench. Lola
4:52PM Lola low.
5:15PM Lola stands, leans into concave, little head
moves toward self, carefully settles in.
5:29PM Lola stands, preens back.
5:30PM Lola mantles concave.
5:36PM Lola, tail up, head down, digging, turns body
and half sits.
5:56PM Mantles.
6:00PM Lola deep in nest, eye visible.
6:17PM Lola stands, preens chest, preens tail
6:20PM Lola's beak works, call?, sitting higher.
6:27PM Lola down.
6:29PM Pale Male to nest, lands N end with pigeon.
Lola stands S end of nest. Pigeon presented prepared,
no head, eviserated, fully feathered. Lola begins
eating, and remains an nest for full meal. Pale Male
remains alert, on guard, viewing territory. Lola eats
muscle portions inititially.
6:35PM Pale Male head to wall but watching Lola and
out. Lola finishes meat then to skin and swallows
bone. Lola has difficulty swallowing final fully
feathered wing, it is swallowed, comes back out a bit,
sticking from beak, then somewhat down again...neck
stretch, feather ends still visible in beak, then
6:45PM Pale Male off nest to W.
6:48PM Lola settles back into nest.
Submitted-Donna Browne