Sunday, April 17, 2005

Report from the Hawk Bench --4/15

Field Notes 4/15/2005

Sunset 7:35PM,
Temp. 51F,
Humidity 78%,
Wind variable 8 to 15,
Sunny and cool,
Prey Tally- pigeon.

AM Report: When asked, Ric replied,"The usual." He
then showed me the red spot at the S end of the Boat
Pond where a pigeon had been taken.
3:48PM Lola on the nest, tail to bench, in bright sun.
Pale Male not in sight.
4:11PM Lola still has her tail to the bench but now is
crooked around so her head is to the S.
4:12PM Lola stands, her posterior to bench, preens
chest and back, turns and stares into nest for about
15 seconds, goes back to preening.
4:16PM Lola disappears into nest.
4:19PM Eye visible through twigs.
4:20PM Pale Male discovered on Linda 5.
4:29PM Pale Male up and flies N and then W circling
over Boat Pond, trees W of Pond N of Hans, circles
over Boat House, Lola watches.
4:37PM Lola stands, preens chest meticulously, then
wing and mid-back.
4:41PM Lola down but still preening.
5:13PM Lola stands, preens upper chest, alert looks W,
preens left wing.
5:18PM Pale Male lands N end of nest from the W.
5:20PM Lola off. Pale Male into nest, surveys area.
Digs moving in half circle. Settles head to N.
5:2?PM Pale Male half down and digging. Then stands,
5:28PM Pale Male head to S.
5:49PM Lola lands on nest, Pale Male invisible in
concave, he doesn't appear...pause, pause,
pause...Lola steps closer, Pale Male stands.
5:51PM Pale Male up and circling over N end of Boat
Pond. Lola watches.
5:52PM Pale Male circling to W.
6:00PM Lola in nest, alert to W, then N.
6:05PM Pale Male discovered on Carlyle 3.
6:08Pm Lola down, just eyes.
6:30Pm Lola alert looking through twigs, Pale Male
still on Carlyle.
6:35PM Pale Male, wings locked, does a spectacular
dive/swoop from Carlyle 3 all the way over to beyond
the bench tree line, trajectory slightly N of Hans.
6:45PM Exit from Bench Area
6:55PM Prothonotary Warbler, lower lobe near small
rustic gazebo.

And for those who asked why a Prothonotary Warbler was
called such....
The name "Prothonotary" comes from a Prothonotary, the
chief clerics or secretary of the Byzantine, Greek, or
Roman Catholic church, who keep special records and
wear a bright yellow hood.

Submitted: Donna Browne