Friday, April 15, 2005

Notes from the Hawkbench and possibly the last report about the Screech-owls

Field Notes 4-14-2005

Sunset 7:35PM,
Temp. 50F,
Wind Chill 46F,
Wind E 12MPH,
Gusts 16-19MPH,
Humidity 78%
Mostly sunny and cold,
Prey Tally- pigeon,

Trump Parc Nest: Lincoln's friend with a view of the
site reports two eggs have rolled out of the nest.
4:35PM Arrival, Jr's nest looks much as it did
yesterday, no hawk in sight.
4:55PM Jr. with twig makes several passes in front of
nest. Jr. lands on the nest, stands looking at
4:56PM Mrs. takes off from S end of nest and down. Jr.
continues to survey territory.
5:00PM Jr. disappears into concave of nest, reappears
with head near wall, digs, pulls twigs with beak from
edge of nest toward center. (Jr. has the brow similar
to Pale Male that makes him look concerned all the
5:04PM Jr. disappears into nest.
5:23PM Hawk (Mrs.?) appears carrying twig and circles
construction on adjacent to nest roof three times.
More circling over Cottage Roof, third building from
Trump to he W.
5:25PM Tourists from Dallas ask about Hawks.
5:26PM No hawks seen in nest or in sky.
5:35PM Exit

The Hawk Bench Approx. 6:10PM
Hawkwatchers included among others, Katherine,
Elizabeth, Katherine, Ric, Clare. They reported with
some agitation that a bit earlier Pale Male had
brought a large pigeon for Lola's dinner and had
landed with it on the railing of the S false terrace
of Woody. A woman in that apartment had come to the
window and given it a great bang. Pale Male startled
and flew with the prey over to Linda. Where he stayed
for some minutes. He then took the prey to Lola on
the nest and according to Clare, Lola flew to a
bulding on 79th to eat, almost dropping the prey off
the perch but grabbing it back just in time. In the
meantime, Pale Male had left the nest (?) and it was
unattended for approx. 20 minutes at which time he

102nd St. Screech Owl Family

Owl hunters: Marie, Lee, Noreen, and Donna.
The Screech Owls were not in the oak where they had
roosted yesterday. Though all known roosts were
searched as was the Ravine, the Owls were not found.

Submitted: Donna Browne