Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hatch Still Inconclusive -- But we go through this every year

Note: I've emphasized a few lines in Donna's report to point out the behaviors that seem to me to indicate a hatch. But not until we see feeding will we know for sure.

Field Notes 4-19-05

Sunset 7:39PM,
Temp. 78F
Fair Skies,
Wind SSW 5-10MPH,
Prey Tally-Pigeon, Rat,

All times are PM unless otherwise noted.
Early Report: Ric-Pale Male brought Lola half a
pigeon. Anne S. reports seeing Pale Male near Tanner
Springs with Gull diving at him.
3:48 Lola on nest, head to wall, preens.
3:50 Lola digs in lining, leans over.
3:53 Deep in nest.
3:55 Eyes above nest, looks WNW.
4:10 Lola stands, mantles nest.
4:12 Mantles higher allowing air between wings and
4:15 Into nest, out of sight.
4:22 Lola mantles.
4:25 Bent over, digging in lining.
4:35 Up and mantling.
4:39 Wide, high, mantle.

5:08 Lola low in nest, eyes over twigs.
5:33 Still down.
5:37.02 Lola off nest to W.
5:41.06 Pale Male to nest from W. Circles in concave
digging lining toward center.
5:42 Settles, eye through twigs to W.
5:50 Out of sight.
5:52 Lola to nest. (Some hypothesizing that as Lola is
not seen defecating in or off the nest, these short
interludes are bathroom breaks.)
5:53 Pale Male off, Lola watches him go.
5:54 Lola into concave, digs, tucks something under
herself with beak, disappears.
5:55 Eyes over top of twigs.
6:07 Lola stands, small mantle, preen, look to W to N
to W to E.
6:14 Panting, big mantle that fades to small.
6:21 Stands in concave,looks down, digs,
settles in,
tail to bench.
6:39 Leaning head into rear of nest.
6:56 Down in nest.
7:24 Pale Male to nest with rat.
7:25 Lola stands, Pale Male flies to Linda 1. Lola
eats rat rapidly high on nest, tail to bench.
7:30 Katherine observes Pale Male fly into and bump
window (agressive move.
7:32 Lola's eating slows.
7:36 Lola into nest beak down, settles.
Submitted-Donegal Browne