Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pale Male & Lola's vacation begins

On his website Lincoln Karim provides a poignant three sentence Field Report:

No one sat on the eggs today. There were numerous visits to the nest but no sitting. Pale Male & Lola were very active yesterday and today around the Pond and are both flying together. Lola appears to follow Pale Male wherever he's perched.

Then Lincoln writes a few more sentences that reflect, in his own unique fashion, the feelings of all the faithful hawkwatchers who have followed Pale Male and Lola's nesting attempt of 2005:

I’m happy that they may be incapable of sadness and other emotions that we are burdened with. I’m also happy that they are unable to communicate with us, which delivers us from the added burden of having to explain what may have gone wrong. From the looks of it they don’t appear to act like anything is wrong. They appear to still feel the warm rays of the Sun, and the gentle glow of the Moon, and the refreshing energy of the wind, so how can they think anything is wrong. I’m sure they can still hear the distant voices of all their mature children praising them for their dedication and love and letting them know that they are all well and doing great. As for the eggs in the nest, I’m sure there is a peacefulness in those tiny unformed hearts that has accepted the will of nature to not allow them to be jumping and running and flapping right now—a peacefulness that no webcam can transmit. I personally don’t feel like it’s over. Maybe it’s because they’re still flying, which forces me to keep my chin up.