Thursday, May 19, 2005

Summary of yesterday's Field Notes

The highpoints of today:

Pale Male and Lola were attacked by Kestrels and by Mockingbirds. Earlier in the day PM and L flew around with each other with talons down.? (See Lincoln's photo at does that remind you of?
And later sat companionably on the Oreo antenna together. Rik and Sister Marlene reported that a young sparrow who had ended up in the MB Pond was able to "swim", paddle with wings and body movements to the side where Sis could fish him out. The Kestrels and Mockers attack at the same time. Ching reports that at 8:03 when Pale Male called for Lola from the nestshe didn't come. He took off, [one can anthropomorphisize to dig her up] and twenty minutes of empty nest later she flewto the nest at 8:30PM and settled in for the night.

Donna Browne