Friday, June 24, 2005

Pale Male and Lola at the Beresford

6/23/05 -- From Central Park Regular Jack Meyer:

This morning [6/23/05] we saw two Red-tails on the
Beresford. We were at the east end of Turtle Pond, too far to ID
individuals. At first they were shifting from one pinnacle to the other,
then we saw one in the air being chased by a Kestrel. This was around 10:30
AM. Note that Art Lemoine (sp?) told Mary the other day that there was a
Kestrel nesting in the park at about 86 St. Were the Red-tails upsetting it?

My answer to Jack's question of whether red-tails hanging around in a kestrel's nesting territory were upsetting it:

You bet!