Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Big" report from Bruce with Hawkwatcher names for buildings

Photo by D. Bruce Yolton

"Big" again
Photo by D. Bruce Yolton



After a discussion about how noisy the Central Park Blue Jays were and the false alarms they were ringing, we heard the loudest racket around 7:45 p.m. from Little Hill. A few folks went into the woods east of the hill to see what was up. It turns out "way up" on a White Tile building, west of the construction site where Lincoln Karim has been taking pictures, was Fledgling I, nicknamed "Big". ( For those keeping track, east to west starting with the nest, it's Trump Parc, Construction Site, White Tile Building, Decorative Railing Building, Arthur's Building, Hampshire House, Essex House.) Her mother [Charlotte] was high on the left chimney, keeping an eye out.

"Big" moved from the White Tile building to the Decorative Railing Building, hopped/flew some more and was lost from view although a few of us thought we saw movement in the construction site. Donna's notes will have all the details.

Above are two photos to show "Big" is doing just fine.

- Bruce