Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lincoln's Fantastic Photos of Fledglings

7/21,05, the last nestling [soon to be Fledgling Two] looking out from the nest after sibling took off earlier in the day

Two: 7/22/o5: the first fledgling on a balcony railing on 58th Street and 7th

Three: 7/22/05: The second fledgling on a roof railing

This is the place to publically express huge gratitude to the great photographer Lincoln Karim. Thanks, Lincoln, for keeping me posted yesterday and the day before about the fledges and the well-being of the fledglings. After all these years of hawkwatching [can you believe it, 15 years!] I didn't imagine I would still feel the pangs of anxiety I did about these babies during the last few days. Your telephone calls saved me.

And thanks, more important, for all your photos you've generously made available to my website for all these years. Truly this website would be very diminished without your pictures.

[And by the way, thanks for expanding your interests to moths. See you at the Moth Tree tomorrow, I hope.]