Thursday, July 21, 2005

Donna's Field Notes 7/20/05

Field Notes 7-20-05

Trump Parc Nest,
Junior, Charlotte, two eyasses.

Sunset 8:23PM (NYT),
Temp. 94F,
Wind variable to 12MPH,
Mostly sunny,
Humidity 51%,
Prey Tally-rat, pigeon.

All times PM unless otherwise noted.
6:24 Both eyasses on N edge of nest preening.
7:22 Junior to nest from W with rat.
7:23 Jr. off. Bigger eyass begins rending prey, nest
left. Smaller eyass watches from nest right.
7:25 Small eats some rat, nest left.
7:26 Ben Cacase reports-Jr. lands on CNN
sign(previously Biography sign)in Columbus Circle.
7:29 Big tries to get rat. Tug of war over rat, Big
wins and swallows remains, tail and all.
7:35 Eyasses face west, alert, and look up. Ben
reports Charlotte sitting on east side of Hampshire
House, the building adjacent to the nest to the W.
7:39 Little finds a few bites of something by back
wall and eats them. Big sits mid-right, south, Little
goes and sits behind him close to wall.
7:42 Jr. over roofs of 58th to E, then circles to
57th, perches atop W branch of X in Essex sign.
7:50 Small N side of nest, Big S side of nest.
7:54 Charlotte to center nest (from HH eave-Ben).
Little to right, Big to left, Little works beak,
7:59 charlotte up, off nest to N, then W on 58th past
University Club, perches on pole bisecting a circle to
W. (240 CPS-Ben).
8:01 Nest in shade of western building, Big makes a
giant hop, and flaps, then more flapping.
8:03 Big makes another giant hop, a flap and "attacks"
something at base of wall. She picks up "prey", a
strip of bark. Little nest left, making herself
smaller and staying out of the way.
8:06 Little hops, flaps, attacks and "kills" twig.
8:10 Eyasses beak "fence" ,nest left, N side.
8:17 Jr. off X and flies west, circles green glass
8:17-8:32 Charlotte from pole 240 CPS to CNN
8:18 Both eyasses active. Little picks up twig in
beak, head moves side to side.
8:29 Trump Parc crown lights come on.
8:34 Charlotte to nest. Both eyasses stare at her,
check her talons for prey.
8:39 Big "kills" another twig, picks it up in beak.
Big scratches head.
8:46 Big picks up old feather from nest point center,
chews, it falls out and off nest, they watch it
8:51 Jr. to roost.
8:56 Nest inhabitants still active, but too dim to see
exactly what they are doing. Veronica reports that
she has seen the nest active at 11:00 PM.
9:15 Exit.
Submitted-Donna Browne.