Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Field Report from the Trump Parc Nest

The Trump Parc kids
July 16, 2005
Photo by Lincoln Karim

Field Notes 7-19-05
Trump Parc nest, Junior, Charlotte, two eyasses.

Sunset-8:23PM (WT),
Temp. 91F,
Heat Index 99F,
Humidity 63%,
Wind variable 5-10MPH,
Prey Tally-pigeon, rat.

All times PM unless otherwise noted.

Some Highlights of the last few days..
Saturday 5-16-05
At 7:43 a large "bouguet" of white helium balloons
drifted above the Trump Parc, Charlotte and Jr.
immediately converged on the ballons, with attacking
dives (no contact seen or balloons deflated), rapid
circling, and many, many, MANY, screams. It worked.
The balloons were "chased" from over the Trump, into
Central Park, and then west with hawks in hot

Monday 5-18-05
Discovery that certain daily activity periods for the
eyasses occur when the sun goes behind one or the
other of the tallest buildings to the west. At the
7:39 activity period, the bigger eyass, Big for short,
went to the center of the nest where prey is often
eaten and began to swallow a large feathery wing. The
wing went partially down but several long white
primaries, didn't, quite stuck actually. They jutted
for their nearly full length at a 45 or so degree
angle from her beak and stayed there. The more
diminutive eyass, Little for short, couldn't help but
be fascinated by this. She cocked her head, leaned
forward, and crept a bit closer. For a moment we
thought she was going to go for them. But just in time
at 7:57 Charlotte arrived, pulled them out, and then
motherly chores taken care of, she left again to take
up her previous sentinal position. Just an example
showing that though the adults may not always be
apparent to observers, someone is always

Field Notes Tuesday 7-19-05

7:12 RT from Columbus Circle, circles 220 CPS, then
flies into Central Park.
7:25 Little on left, Big laying center.
7:36 (Sun behind western building) Both eyasses up,
7:37 Little stretches and flaps.
7;39 Big flaps 4 to 5 times, high hops.
7:40 Big takes leap across nest.
7:49 Both left of nest, preening.
7:59 Charlotte to E side of HH chimney.
8:00 Little on left, Big on right.
8:05 Big to edge, looks over.
8:14 Jr. to N side of nest with Prey. Kelly
identifies it as a rat. Jr. off.
8:16 Little tugs and tugs at unprepared prey, finally
seen chewing a small bit.
8:17 Charlotte still on Hampshire House E chimney.
8:20 Charlotte to nest, preps food, loosens food for
Big, loosens food for Small.
8:39 Charlotte not in sight, eyasses visible on nest.
8:50 Exit.
Submitted-Donna Browne