Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bruce's photos of parents and FLEDGLINGS from the BIG DAY

Bruce Yolton, one of the faithful hawkwatchers from the "Little Hill" [the location of Donna's Field Notes], sent me his amazing photos of yesterday's hawk action. Thanks so much, Bruce.

Note to anxious readers: Just so you know, before you feast your eyes on these photos:
ALL IS WELL. As you will read in the next post, the Trump Parc fledglings have made their way to the park and are beginning act II of their great drama. Meanwhile, in the photos, I can't tell you which fledgling is being portrayed. But it hardly matters. They're both fine.

All photos by D. Bruce Yolton, taken on Friday July 22, 2005

Fledgling II
5:30 pm
SW 58th St. and 7th ave.

5:40 Junior and Charlotte on second E of Essex House [on Central Park South, west of Trump Parc]

5:45 Junior bring prey [ in talons] for fledglings

5:46 - Fledgling on roof of building at 58th & 7th Ave

5:46:30 --- Fledgling moves to new spot

5:46:32 - Fledgling lands

5:47 -- Fledgling: "So here I am. Where's dinner?"