Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Creature from Outer Space?

No, it's a moth [in the family Catocala] called the Ilia Underwing.

Here's what you see when it spreads open its forewings

Two more Ilias. There were many more of them at the oak last night, attracted to several spots where sap oozes from the bark. One other Underwing moth was identified: the Little Underwing. Also seen, a Common Idia, a small triangle-shaped moth.

All photos of moths by LINCOLN KARIM
June 11, 2005

Photos taken at the English Oak near Pilgrim Hill, around 73rd Street and the East Drive, at a meeting of The Central Park [non-maternal] Mothers. Present: Lee, Noreen, Jimmy, Lincoln, Marie, Raymond [briefly]. The night before, Nick Wagerik saw 10 Ilia Underwings, 2 Girlfriend Underwings, one Ultronia Underwing [all Catocalas] and a spectacular moth called The Herald at the same English Oak. Small wonder that the tree is commonly referred to as the Moth Tree.