Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is everything all right?

In recent days I've been getting some anxious e-mails from readers who have been following the progress of a hawk's nest for the first time.

For example:

Subject: What happened yesterday?

Hi Marie. Yesterday morning [someone] told me that he heard on his radio that a hawk was on the ground in the south part of the park and couldn't fly. I've been checking your site and Lincoln's site constantly for any news, but nothing. What happened?

I would be very grateful for any information. . .Worriedly, Rosemarie

We oldtimers started out worried about everything too. I remember spending sleepless nights worrying. Then, each year, as we observed what magnificently capable creatures these Red-tailed hawks are, our anxiety level went down.

Here's what I wrote to Rosemarie:

Everything's fine. These rumors spread like wildfire. The babies spend time on the ground and people think they're sick...or crazy. In fact, they're toddlers.