Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Junior, Charlotte and kids -- final report from Bruce

Received this note from Bruce Yolton:

Thank you for letting me share with your readers my photos of the Trump Parc fledglings this summer. After seeing the fledglings almost every day since they fledged this summer, I haven't been able to find either of them since mid-September.

Although I miss seeing them, in many ways I'm happy that I can't find the young hawks. To me it means they've grown up and have "gone off to college". That they can survive, or should I say thrive in the Big Apple is simply wonderful. To me, their disappearance means that everything worked out just fine. The park turned out to be a great place to grow up. There was plenty of food, and the park provided, quite by accident, two fenced in acres of the construction area for them to grow up safely.

I hope they show up from time to time this fall in the park or if they've migrated that they return in the spring.

The Trump Parc nest is still in great shape and I hope that 2006 will bring Central Park two active nesting sites, one on Fifth Avenue and one on Central Park South.

Attached is a picture of the empty nest and its view of the park from early September at sunset.