Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pale Male and Lola sightings

August and September have always been the months when Pale Male and his various mates have been hardest to find by their faithful observers. There is much evidence that in August and early September they do their most extensive traveling. After all Pale Male's second mate, Chocolate, who eventually became Mom I in 1995, was found injured on the Palisades Parkway on September 3, 1994. The Palisades Parkway--that's New Jersey.

This year they seem to be ending their travels on the early side. There have been many Pale Male and Lola sightings during the last week, some on their favorite Fifth Avenue perches, such as the Oreo Building., and others in the Ramble.

Perhaps because of their nest failure last spring they're starting to get things in order on the early side. Great. We need a nice thick second layer of twigs for the next nest. Everything is looking very promising, as I see it.,