Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A blessed event

Brad Klein, properly holding a large dragonfly [Swamp Darner]he had netted at Balcony Bridge: by the wings.
Photo by M. Winn, taken on July 20, 2005

[see end of posting for another photo, taken one minute after this one]

The day after he discovered the large lepidopteran pupa he described in the previous posting, Brad wrote an addendum:

The amazing thing for me about the pupa was the strong feeling I had that I was personally 'blessed' in finding it. Do you know what I mean? Eight days of continuous rain had just ended. I am walking along surrounded by thousands of New Yorkers enjoying the emerging sun on Saturday morning. I look idly down at my feet, and my sleepy mind slowly distinguishes a shape in the grass and fallen leaves that holds my attention. I stoop down. Incredible! This lovely and mysterious thing. The very symbol of transformation and change.