Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A message to Finnegan's rescuer

Bill Trankle of Indianapolis, who often responds to postings on this website, sent the following cautionary e-mail. I don't have an address for Debby Cantlon but I hope the message gets to her somehow.


I loved the recent story about the squirrel, Finnegan, and the new-born puppies, but I was concerned to read that the woman raising Finnegan plans on releasing him. The squirrel has not only been hand-nursed, inuring him toward people, but is growing up with a litter of puppies! Anyone who's ever seen a dog chasing squirrels knows that these are two species that are not compatible in the wild, and should Debby Cantlon actually release Finnegan he would not be afraid of two animals that could do him serious harm. I hope she realizes that she now has a pet squirrel, not one she can let loose.

Bill Trankle