Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Christmas present from Bruce: Yesterday's Owls plus info from me

The Owl Romance -- once in separate holes--now together -12/24/05

First there was one, and then there were two.-- 12/24/05

Great Horned Owl at the Oven 12/24/05 --seventh day

All photos by BRUCE YOLTON

Thanks, Bruce. My Christmas is merrier, thanks to you.

Here's my little Christmas bonus: important information.

For December 25, 2005

Sunrise: 7:19 am
Sunset: 4:34 pm
Moon rise: 1:23 a.m .
Moon set: 12:32 pm

Planets visible during dark hours [even if briefly]:
Jupiter: rise:3:05 am -- Set:1:30 pm
Saturn: S9:38 am -- R 7:18 pm
Mars: S 3:02 am--S 103 pm
Venus: R 9:am--S 6:49 pm, [very brilliant in west for an hour or so after sunset]