Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Donna Brown returns: minute by minute report

Pale Male and Mom I [with band] -- 1996
Photo by Charles Kennedy

Pale Male and Lola 12/12/05

I arrived at the Hawk Bench at 2:39PM today and before I could even start to set the scope up, Pale Male and Lola appeared soaring above the Oreo building. One hawk flying counterclockwise and the other in clockwise circles.
At 2:41 Lola landed on the chimney of the Oreo and Pale Male headed out for Madison Avenue. A moment later he appeared very briefly between two Madison Avenue buildings in a dive. Lola continued to face the Bench sitting in what we assume is a warm draft from the chimney.
By 3:02 Lola had disappeared from the Oreo Chimney and at 3:03 Pale Male appeared above Fifth Avenue from the north. He circled his way south over the buildings.
3:06, Pale Male lands on the railing of Linda 1, facing out, breeze ruffling breast feathers.
3:12 The sun comes out and the freshness of Pale Male's new feathers, from his latest molt, is quite apparent, they gleam. His belly band is more noticable, as the color is deeper than in late summer. He surveys the area.
3:20 Pale Male visually tracks a flock of pigeons as they fly by. But continues to sit. His crop is very full.
3:31 Pale Male up and circling to the north end of the Model Boat Pond. Circles above Octagon, disappears behind it and then to the Oreo antenna. He faces the Ramble.
3:37 Pale Male up, circles above Oreo, disappears behind it, appears to the west side, and into tree. Works at twig until he clips it, then up circling and to nest. Places twig, looks down at nest, walks, pause, rearranges twig, then up and returns circling to Oreo Antenna. Faces Ramble.
Katherine reports that for three nights running Pale Male has roosted in his favorite tree at the foot of Pilgrim Hill. The one he very often uses while Lola sits the nest.
As the hawks slowly left the nest in stages last season , they are now slowly in the reverse returning to it. The circle continues.
Donna Browne