Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bruce's Blog-- with bat

During our adventure tracking the GHO in the North Woods last night, Bruce Yolton took many photographs. One of them is above, demonstrating that the squirrels up north are just as brazen as their Ramble counterparts. [We know that squirrels are on the GHO's Favorites list, as, indeed, is just about any other bird, mammal, reptile or amphibian that comes into the Big One's sphere of influence.].

Bruce has posted many of the pictures of the GHO on his new Nature Blog, where they are reproduced more elegantly than the versions you see here. He has also written up his report of yesterday's events. It included a remarkable happening that I had forgotten to mention in my own account posted earlier this morning:

At 5:02 as Bruce and I were standing half-way up the Wildflower Meadow hill, watching the owl preparing for fly-out, who should appear a little to our left but.. a bat!. It was circling over the meadow, apparently insect-gathering [it was an unseasonably warm day]. It flew almost directly over our heads twice, circling, and we could plainly see it was a bat, not a bird. Nor was it a bar, as in the palindrome WAS IT A BAR OR A BAT I SAW? What's a palindrome? Look it up.

Here's a link to Bruce's blog:

You'll enjoy it.