Friday, February 03, 2006

Bruce's Blog

Bruce Yolton, a birder and photographer who chronicled the Trump-Parc nest and family last spring and summer, and since then has been taking fine pictures of Central Park wildlife [see his photo of the Great Horned Owl, above] has an appealing blog that often recounts the park's nature happenings . You can check it out at Http://

A few days ago, under a whimsical headline, he posted a final report on the Great Horned Owl. This is it, in its entirety

Elvis Has Left The Building

The Great Horned Owl that arrived on December 18th appears to have left the park on Friday evening, January 27th. It was great fun while it lasted!

For the past week many Central Park birders have been searching for the big owl, hoping it had merely moved to a new spot in the park. Today, a week after the bird's last appearance, we are sadly accepting reality. The owl is gone.