Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Donna at the Hawkbench yesterday

Pale Male and Lola Plus Four More --- 7 Feb 2006

Rik reports that at 1:30PM Lola ate a pigeon on the south side of Dr. Fisher and then flew south.
1:42PM Arrival at the Hawk Bench. Pale Male and Lola circle above 927. Lola to nest, Pale Male to railing of Woody.
1:45 Lola up, flying with talons down, cruises over to Linda and then back past 927, past PM who watches her, soars to Madison and back. Pale Male up, both circle above 927, Lola disappears behind it. Lola reappears between Dr. Fisher and Linda. Lola circles above Linda then flies north over 5th Ave buildings.
1:47 Lola lands on the Oreo's antenna. Pale Male north, circles above Lola then lands beside her on Oreo antenna.
1:50 Lola flies toward the Ramble.
1:59 Pale Male up, flies to above 927 and herds two gulls higher and higher away from nest.
2:00 Pale Male heads for The Oreo Building than sharply turns and goes toward the Ramble, lost in trees.
2:06 Red-tail appears above Woody then to the NW.
2:25 8 Gulls above Model Boat Pond.
2:36 Lola lands on the NE corner of Woody, Pale Male circles above Octogon.
2:38 Pale Male lands on Carlyle 1 then switches to Carlyle 2 seconds later.
2:42 Lola up and to the north with speed.
2:43 Pale Male off the Carlyle, PM and L both dive N of Carlyle.
(At this point suddenly there are 6 Red-tailed Hawks in view from the Bench, even with Jean's aid we can't keep track of all the action. There are Pale Male and Lola by the Carlyle plus two Rts in the NW and two more RTs that appear and disappear intermittantly in the south.)
2:44 Lola zooms after the two RTs coming towards the Oreo.
2:45 Pale Male flies with speed to the nest, facing south, digs with his feet, twigs flip up. (Traction? A firm place to stand? Machismo?) Stands center, facing out, extremely alert.
2:46 Possible RT scream from the north, hard to hear, two retrievers are barking their heads off, while two dog owners are yelling at each other behind us.
2:48 Pale Male is up and off the nest, soars above Woody.
2:50 RT appears behind Octogon then behind Stovepipe. 2 RTs over Oreo.
2:51 1 RT coming in from the south, then a second. Pale Male(?) dives from above Fisher, chases them past The Crows, out of sight, several Red-tail screams come from behind the trees. Dog owner fight continues, more male voices added to the mix.
2:55 Pale Male above The Crows then ?, then back to The Crows. He dives towards the park and disappears in the trees.
2:58 Red-tail over Linda.
2:59 Pale Male to nest, digs, scans.
3:00 Pale Male works beak, focuses down.
3:01 Red-tail swoops from east to west over Kit's to past the Oreo.
3:02 Lola to ?
3:05 Pale Male alert, works beak again.
3:10 Lola above Octogon. PM off nest flies north with speed along the tree line of Fifth..??, then Oreo and Stovepipe.
3:13 One RT behind Oreo, one circling above, then above Kit's and Stovepipe.
3:16 Pale Male in front of Octogon, circles Shipshape, and Woody, then north , Shipshape and Carlyle, behind Octogon.
3:17 Pale Male in front of Linda, second RT (Lola?) in north, then Lola circles Rusty Top, then both circle Octogon, Lola past Woody. Pale Male flies up Fifth. Lola to scaffolding of Stovepipe.
3:22 Pale Male to Woody railing, Lola ?
3:2? Pale Male to Linda 2.
3:29 Exit.
Donna Browne