Monday, February 20, 2006

Linda and Ugly White Condo: #4 of a series

Linda [L] and Ugly White Condo [R]

close up: Linda 1, 2, 3, 4 [Note hawk on Linda 3]

To the right, south of Dr. Fisher is The Linda Building. Why Linda? Look at the second from the top row of windows facing you. That's Linda's apartment. And if you look hard at the close up, you'll see that each of that row of windows has a semi-circular metal railing which is perfect for hawk perching.

The windows are numbered from the left, Linda 1, Linda 2, and so on through Linda 6. A particular favorite place to perch in the afternoon sun for Pale Male. He spent some time on Linda 1 just this afternoon. It is also frequented by Lola but not as often. In the close up see Lola, looking in the window at Linda 2, watching TV perhaps, and Pale Male facing out at Linda 3, sun gleaming off his white breast.

Last season the northwest corner of the roof was very popular for copulation. I can remember on one occasion when Lola was perched there, tail out, leaning over in an inviting manner. Pale Male appeared with a rat gift. He dumped it over the edge and onto the roof and then immediately went to business with Lola. She ate her rat afterward.

Look further right to the white building in the same block, and yes, that is The Ugly White Condo. No explanation necessary. The corners of the white cube on top were pretty popular in the hawk sex department last season as well.

Note that between Linda and The Ugly White Condo is a third building squeezed between the two. On the roof are some vertical exhaust pipes with vented tops and a railing. On one day only last season, I saw the hawks make use of those accoutrement's. While writing their movements as fast as I could, I came to a dead halt, I realized that building had no name. And there really isn't much to distinguish it in the way of descriptive terms.

Therefore to save me the dead halt this year, just in case, any suggestions?

Next up, The Lion Building and The Crows.

Donna Browne