Sunday, March 12, 2006

Great Horned Owl Pellets prepared by owlers, then analyzed by mammalogists at Natural History Museum

Bones removed from Great Horned Owl pellet

Regina Alvarez preparing bones for analysis

Noreen O'Rourke working on pellet bones

Two Great Horned Owl pellets collected by Anne Shanahan at the Azalea Pond on January 18th and 19th, respectively, and one pellet from the same owl found by James O'Brien on January 25, 2006 near the Loch, were taken to the American Museum of Natural History for analysis. Ruth O'Leary and Darrin Lunde of the Dept of Mammalogy examined the bones carefully extracted from the pellets by a small group of Central Park Owlers. The eagerly awaited Owl Pellet Analysis report came in a few days ago.

Pellet #1 collected on 1/19/06 contained bones of two individuals. Both were Rattus norvegicus [Norway Rat] one adult, identified by its relatively intact cranium, the other possibly a juvenile, identified by its right upper tooth row.

Pellet #2 collected at the Loch on 1/25/06 contained 1 individual, an adult. Norway Rat.

Pellet #3, collected on 1/18/06 contained 1 individual, an adult Norway Rat