Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Donna'sTrump-parc report

The Trump-Parc nest - 3/5/06
Photo by Bruce Yolton

Southern Hawkwatcher Report
6 Mar 2006

Though Pale Male has begun to spell Lola on the Fifth Avenue nest today, Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte are still in the nuptial gift stage.

This afternoon, Junior was seen near the previously fenced in playground area with prey, calling to Charlotte with a short high pitched repeating, ee, ee, ee. Whether Charlotte made herself visible to Junior by high circling or by calling in return is unknown, but Junior took flight and went to Columbus Circle with his pigeon gift. Both hawks were seen circling in Columbus Circle, then disappeared behind the Time Warner Building. A further search did not rediscover them.

Submitted: Donna Browne