Saturday, March 04, 2006

Report from a next-door neighbor

Junior bringing branch to nest
Photo by Bruce Yolton


After returning from the south, the weather there being about 70 degrees, I have
to report that our hawks have not let the cold stop their mission. There was really a difference of twigs and sticks stacking up on the nest. Every a.m. Charlotte is there , renovating for the spring arrivals, while Jr. provides new material for the new digs. It is my own opinion that the two have found a new perch on the side of the Hampshire House building, as I see them leave the nest often, circling and landing not on the exposed windy chimneys of the building but on some ledge, window or possibly a lone balcony toward the back of the building that gets early sun and is not exposed to the wind and cold. Charlotte spent much longer mornings there this week, but not an overnight.

Hope you're well and that the creatures in the park are keeping warm......see you soon.....

Veronica Goodrich