Friday, March 17, 2006

Re the junk in the nest

Junior contemplating paper - 3/12/06
Photo by Bruce Yolton

Re: Posting of Mar 15, 2006

Lots of delightful correspondence about the latest Trump-Parc posting. First Blakeman responded to Bruce's info. Then a few others:

This is important new information. So the paper wasn't a sheet from the Times? Well enough.

It appears that the Trump-Parc parents want their kids to be morally instructed. Nothing surpasses the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount (tough lessons, however, for lethal predators).

And because the young ones may be spending a few winters in Spanish-speaking lands to the south, the decision to prompt the eyasses to learn to read Spanish is laudable.

Again, smart parents, these.

--John Blakeman


Another great exchange with J. Blakeman, but I have to say I was more interested in the piece of what Lincoln described as "electrical cable" in the nest of PMJ and Charlotte. Apparently, not content to just raise their eyases with early reading opportunities, PMJ and Charlotte appear to be planning to wire up their nest so they can read even in the evenings! So funny that such regal birds are very human in their propensity to collect junk (perhaps they'll have a garage sale when the chicks fledge). I wonder, has anyone ever seen that kind of eclectic nesting material in Pale Male's nest over the years, or is this something unique to his progeny?

Bill Trankle
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Marie,

We should all note Charlotte's care in finding a Spanish document for her eyasses. She is indeed a caring mother, hoping to make her babies bi-lingual at the earliest possible moment.

The questions from the observer named Mai, and the response from John are wonderful. John seems to be a scientist with humility, unafraid to learn, even from amateurs. His demeanor is a reminder to us all to keep an open mind and listen. There are great things to be learned out there. (Who could have imagined that we could witness these events with Pale Male, Lola, PM Junior, and Charlotte?)

Best Regards,
Nan Holmes