Sunday, March 12, 2006

Egg #1 seen at Trump-Parc nest

Charlotte on the nest 3/5/06
Photo by Bruce Yolton

Since the Hawk Bench at the Model-boat Pond is far below Pale Male and Lola's 12th floor aerie on Fifth Avenue, and there are no nearby buildings with sightlines directly into the nest, the hawkwatchers never know how many eggs are in the nest until the chicks begin to poke their heads up. We know when incubation begins because Lola begins to spend her days and nights on the nest. We know when the eggs hatch because we can see Lola's feeding motions. But we never see into the nest.

Junior and Charlotte's 35th-floor nest is a different story. Our friend who lives on the 65th floor of a nearby residential tower has a telescope in his window that looks directly down into the nest. Here is his latest communication:

Just an update. On Friday, March 10 there were no eggs in the nest on the west side of Trump-Parc. Today, March 12th, when we returned, we noted one egg in the nest, and Charlotte seems to be sitting on it much of the time.

So now we know for sure.