Saturday, March 25, 2006

Successful hunting for Screech-owl

One of the West Drive Screech-owls, presumably the female, peered out of the roost hole at a little after 6 pm and flew out at 6:25. No other owl was seen, neither the male, missing since 2/26, nor any nestling, last seen peeking out of the nest hole on March 6. We have to presume that they are gone.

Present at fly-out: Noreen, Jimmy, Jean, Barbara, myself and a man with a cheerful toddler in a baby carrier. Again, persistent singing could be heard as the owl progressed from tree to tree in a north-east direction. At about 7:15 the owl was heard emitting its eerie trill in the Ramble. Shortly afterwards she was seen on a branch in a rocky area south of the Stone Arch. She was eating a small rodent.