Saturday, May 06, 2006

Grackle Update

Common Grackle--May, 2005
Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik

Remember Veronica, the Personal Shopper at the Bergdorf Goodman Department Store whose dressing room for clients looks out on the Grand Army Plaza,? She has sent in several reports about the huge flocks of grackles that roost every night in the trees surrounding the fountain there. She has just sent in the following news.:


As we have experienced the realities of nature this chilly spring , I should also tell you that the "ballet of the grackles" no longer performs outside my window at Bergdorfs. Alas, they have all moved on to find their own new nesting sites. It was wonderful while it lasted. Sorry about all this grim news. [about the hawk nests failing] .Good news is that the pair of falcons at 55 water street did get an egg to hatch...........