Saturday, May 27, 2006

Third Chick seen at Cathedral

Red-tail nest at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
Photo by Donna Brown

A third chick was first seen this morning by Bruce Yolton, seen again this evening by Jean Dane, Noreen O'Rourke, Jim Lewis and me. Here's a telling detail: These young redtails have orange chests, just like all the Fifth Ave nestlings, and just like Junior and Charlotte's offspring last year. According to Len Soucy of the Raptor Trust, that is a most uncommon trait among redtail juveniles. And he's seen thousands of redtails! It's another sign of a relationship between the Divine family and Pale Male. [B y the way, Divine Dad is another very light-colored hawk. Mom has a dark head.]

PS the sculptor of St. Andrew of the Diagonal Cross, behind whose left arm the nest is located, and of nine other massive sculptures on the East and North facades of the Cathedral is none other than Gutzon Borglum, the man who created the Mt. Rushmore monument.