Monday, June 19, 2006

News from Fordham

Two of the three Fordham fledglings [one orange chest, one white]
Photos b y Rich Fleischer

From Rob Jett's website:

Subject: Fordham update
Date: 6/15/06 10:40 AM

After being away from campus for several days, I returned to see all three of the fledglings in flight away from the nest. I spoke to one of the campus security guards as well as someone else who told me that on Tuesday, one of the fledglings got caught in a window well grate and had to be freed. A campus maintenance man had thick gloves and covered the bird with a towel as they worked to free the fledgling. Once they succeeded, the bird flew away not worse for wear. We continue to see the differences in the fledglings demeanor that was similar to what we observed while they were around the nest. One of them, the largest, is quite rambunctious. Yesterday I observed her take off after a small bird in flight with Hawkeye flying after her in hot pursuit. One of the others, constantly cries out for food while the third is almost stoic. Finally, I got a chance to see Hawkeye yesterday as he was perched on top of a building not far from the trees where the three fledglings were roosting. He looked somewhat haggard as if feeding all of them was taking its toll.

Rich Fleisher

PS from Marie
In case you've forgotten, female red-tailed hawks [and other hawks too] are significantly bigger than males. That's why Rich Fleisher can confidently use a feminine pronoun when referring to the big, rambunctious one.