Friday, November 17, 2006

What finally happened to Pale Mary?

Immature Red-tailed Hawk seen 7:15 a.m. on 11/15/06
Photo by Eleanor Tauber [with the Early Birders]

Many people have been wondering what happened to that immature Red-tailed Hawk that appeared in the ludicrous "Pale Mary" article I posted earlier in the week. [See Photo above for a view of the striped tail of an imm. redtail]

Katherine Herzog has done some digging and Donna Browne posted an update on her website - Http://
I'm including it below, with thanks to Donna and Katherine:

Katherine Herzog, hawkwatcher and researcher, has unearthed some information on the Brown-tail mentioned in The New York Post's article of November 2nd.

Kat got in touch with Mike Pastore, Director of Operations at Animal Care and Control, and he very nicely emailed her back with the information that the young hawk was found dazed and weak, and therefore was able to be approached and captured by a caring individual.

The Post article relates that after being rescued the brown-tail went first to The Animal Medical Center and then was given into the care of Animal Care and Control (ACC).

Mr. Pastore of ACC, told Katherine that the hawk was then rehabilitated by Bobby Horvath of Long Island. (Thanks, B. H.) And when fit, she was released where she had been found, in Queens near the 59th St. Bridge.

No information yet on exactly what might have been wrong with her; never fear we're still digging.

But don't you just love having a successful ending to a rescue?

Donegal Browne