Sunday, April 22, 2007

All REDS alive and well

Two correspondents checked up on Little Red to make sure he was not the squirrel pictured in in Pale Male's talons the other day. Relief! All is well. Thanks, Kathy and Ciro.

Kathy Massaro writes:

4/21/07 Red has yet to eat her last premium shelled walnut half. I saw her this afternoon, going in and out of a different tree (two up, the one at the very end of Locust Grove).

Ciro Monaco writes on 4/21/07:

Hi Marie,

I became very concerned about our friend Red when I saw your posting which explained that she might have fallen prey to Pale Male. I took a good look at the picture of Pale Male and after analyzing it carefully decided that it is probably the hind quarters of a gray squirrel in his talons. I still had to check up on our friend today just to make sure.

It took a few minutes to find her, but there she was scurrying down the tree I was standing in front of to greet me. I was so glad to see she's still alive and well, caching her nuts and chasing away any other animal that comes into her territory. She's one tough cookie!

All the best,

Ciro Monaco Jr

[Ciro sent some great photos which I'll post later. Having a bit of trouble with connections today.]

PS The other RED is the Red-headed Woodpecker at Riverside Park and 92nd Street. He was gleaming in the sunlight at 8:00 a.m. this morning, flying back and forth among his usual trees.