Sunday, April 01, 2007

Three active Manhattan redtail nests

Female on statue of St. Andrew on northern facade of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Photo by Bruce Yolton - 3/25/07

Central Park South Hawks [formerly Trump Park Redtails--old bldg and new
Photo by Bruce Yolton

You all know about Pale Male and Lola's nest on the 12th floor of 927 Fifth Avenue [corner of 74th St. As you all surely know, Incubation probably began at the Fifth Avenue nest on March 10th. That's when incubation seemed to begin in 2001 for Pale Male and Lola's predecessor, Blue. Hatch day that year was April 18th. But please tremember that all these dates are approximate, since we cannot look into the nest from any vantage point.

The hawks at the Cathedral-- many are calling them Tristan and Isolde, names chosen by children at the Cathedral School, began incubation a bit later than Pale Male & Lola, perhaps a week or two ago. They are definitely incubating

And the Trump Parc pair, Junior and Charlotte, seem to have moved to 888 Seventh Avenue, in a high spot on the east-facing facade, invisible from the street or Park. But very recently someone saw Junior bringing in food, which indicates that incubation has begun there too.

I'm hoping we'll have chicks at all three!

[There are two other Manhattamn nests we know of, one at Inwood Hill Park, one at Highbridge Park at the north tip of Manhattan.

Bruce Yolton has been following all these nests on his website. He has some great photos and information about these hawks. Click on the link below the photos to visit the site.