Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome to my Slog and Hawg

Big Baby at St. John the Divine nest-- note the pristine pantaloons
Photo courtesy of Http://
Rob Jett, whose site is always worth visiting, writes:

As you know, blog is short for "web log". Like everything Internet-related, over the years the standard blog has evolved into several different categories of personal journaling. For example:
Blawgs - A blog that focuses on the legal profession
Linklog - A blog made up of links
Moblog - A blog created by mobile phone or PDA
Photoblog - One that is primarily photos
Sketchblog - A sketch portfolio blog
Slog (Site or website log) - A blog that is integrated within a regular website's structure and created with blogging software
Splog - A spamming website disguised as a legitimate blog
Tumblelogs (new to me) - Has short posts and includes mixed media
Vlog - A blog comprised of videos

And now, New York City, the capital of innovation, has spawned a new classification of personal blog - the "Hawg", or Hawk log.
Let's see how long it takes before the term shows up in Wikipedia.
Happy hawging,