Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blakeman wins

The mystery fledgling contest - see below-- had only one responder: John Blakeman!
According to the BBC [who carried the original article, ] 15 of these chicks have been introduced to Scotland in recent months.
Blakeman writes:

It must be a white-tailed sea eagle, a species closely related to our bald eagle.
I believe that many years ago they nested up in maritime Scotland, and recently they've been re-introduced there.
As many know, our bald eagle has recently proliferated and now abounds throughout its continental range in the US and Canada. It would be nice to see this happen with the great British eagle.

John A. Blakeman

Website correspondent Judy Glattstein sent in this picture: Anybody have an idea of what bird it is? Hint: Two hundred years ago it was a British subject. And soon it may be one again.